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Inauguration Reaction

The United States is now a few days into a Trump Presidency, so we asked students around campus to weigh in on what they think of this new era of politics and what their hopes are for this administration. Read their responses below.

“Equality is gonna be messed up. I’m worried about what will happen in the future.¨ Syerrah Wilson, Freshman

¨I don’t know if the world will be a better place like he says it will.¨ Madison Nelson, Freshman

¨I think that is has been too much and I don’t really agree with him, but I think everyone should stop getting angry. I don’t like it, but there’s nothing we can do about it now.¨ Bryant Wilson, Senior

¨Everyone should move to Canada.¨ Mercedez Bancke, Freshman

“I hope there are no protests.” -Matt Marnella, Junior

“The United States has a system of checks and balances, so we will be fine.” -Jake Elliot, Junior

“I’ve gotten over the disappointment of his election now so I’m just hoping that the country can overcome what he throws at us and that he will stop tweeting.” Julia Coombs, Senior

“Inauguration day was a beautiful day in history. A shift in political power. Call Trump what you want, but he understands economics, he understands relations, and most importantly he does not understand how to be a politician.” Andrew Fraiser Senior

“I hope that things will improve and he will stop lying to the public, but I feel like this has really has brought minorities together.” Kendra Horvath, Senior

“Even though right now it looks awful, we need time to see how it goes, and react.” Claire Green, Senior

“I aspire to have hair as great as him one day.” Jacob Bedont, Senior

¨I don’t really care; politics are stupid.¨ Jayden Jepsen, Freshman

¨I´m glad that he seems to have a good family relationship, and is a good business man.¨ Sydney Thompson, Freshman

“I think that Trump hasn’t been given a chance, we are going to miss Obama, and the transition was kind of crazy. I think people should want Trump to succeed instead of having the pride of saying “I told you so.”‘ Bree McClelland, Sophmore

“The transition was crazy, and people were burning flags for no reason.” Hailey Dale, Sophomore

“I think that it’s great that millions of people around the country came together for the Women’s March. I also think it’s great we’re all bonding and not letting anyone (Trump mainly) take our basic human rights.” Kalel Coleman, Sophomore

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