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Snow Days or Summer Days?

Most of the time students would give anything to have a day off school. Although, when it alters schedules and adds time to the end of the year, it may not be worth it.

Camas School District has already faced the tough decision of canceling school when dealing with the winter weather. In this season the school has already had nine days of school affected by snow and ice. These missed days have changed the school schedule and the student´s outlook of the year.

The semester was originally set to end on January 20 but has now been pushed back to February 3. This small change has affected the finals schedule and there are many mixed emotions. With nine inclement weather days, finals week has been pushed back to January 31, February 1-2. 

Senior students are worried about how graduation may be affected from the missing school. Rachel Smith, a senior, explains, ¨I’m not gonna lie, I love getting school off, but it’s not going to be fun if graduation gets delayed.¨ Keep in mind, graduation has not been moved yet, but seniors are on the hook for making up one day to fulfill state requirements.

Math teacher Alisa Wise explains why she agrees with these changes, ¨We cannot spend our time getting upset over things we have no control over, such as weather. I respect those who have to make the call to hold or cancel school and support their decisions. We face many situations in a school year that throw our schedule off.¨

With the nine inclement weather days, the end of the year has also been pushed back. The original release date of June 20 has been pushed back to the 26th of June. The district only has one previously scheduled makeup day in February, the other inclement weather days have been added to the end of the year.

To make up instructional hours, the February and one of the March late starts have been canceled. January 30 has also been changed to a regular student attendance day – originally an in-service grading day. An email sent out to the district explained that any more inclement weather days will be added to the end of the year to make up. The district is also planning to petition the State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, to forgive some of the missed days.

With winter only half over, many students are still wondering what changes will be made in the future.

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Anna Walbruch is a junior at Camas, participating in her second year in journalism. Anna is the new editor in chief for The Camsaonian for the 2018-2019 school year. Anna is also a Running Start student working toward her Associate's degree.

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The cancellation of the late starts is a horrific thing. After the 3 day weekend at Presidents day(hardly a vacation), it is a long slog all the way to Spring break. Late starts at least, provide some valuable respite. I say add to the end of summer, but alas, the will of the administration prevails.

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