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Out With the Old

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A Preview of Coming Attractions in 2017

It seems fair to say that 2016 may have been a bit of a controversial year, to say the least.

For some, the year was their best yet, bringing joy and prosperity, others felt as though the world was ending. Nevertheless, out with the old, and in with the new; 2017 is here and there are so many amazing and exciting events and monumental developments lined up for this new year that the staff here at the Camasonian felt as though all of these optimistic endeavors for 2017 must be shared!

Below are just a handful of the exciting things to come throughout 2017…!

A Solar Eclipse

This summer, a solar eclipse will, unfortunately for everyone in the Pacific Northwest, be visible to only those in the Southern states, this is still a super cool event that is a rarity and a truly beautiful and awe-inspiring occurrence.

Drones, Pizza, and Google

Starting this year, Google, Amazon and also Wal-Mart will be using drones for a lot more utilitarian purposes, such as deliveries, warehouse management, and yes, pizza and food delivery from the sky, courtesy of Google.  

Incredibly fast trains

In 2017, Hyperloop plans to test these trains, said to be as fast as planes, as they are centered in a vacuum to increase speed. The company hopes that by 2020 or 2021 passengers and cargo will be able to utilize these super fast means of transportation!

Trips to the moon (Seriously!!!)

Google is running a competition this year; giving 20 million dollars to any team who can privately find a way to get to the moon first. Using rovers, the team must be able to cover a certain area of the lunar surface and also provide high-resolution photographs to prove it happened.

And most importantly…

Affordable ‘Hamilton’ tickets

Finally, you no longer need to sell your firstborn child to get ‘Hamilton’ tickets! This year, the show is going on a national tour, allowing for stops and locations all around the country. Buy your tickets soon, and don’t “miss your shot”, to see this show; as it will probably still sell out pretty quickly!


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