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Green Team has not been around very long in Camas, but they have already done a lot in the last two years since the club has started, receiving second place in their district for the Trex competition, for instance. I sat down with one of the Co-Presidents of Green Team, Chloe Dunn, for the scoop on what got her involved and what she has planned.

What got you into Green Team?

Okay, well first, I kind of just joined because I was needing something to do and all my friends were kind of in it and I was like, ‘Oh I’ll just join, maybe do a couple volunteer things, it will be fun..’ The first meeting I was at, we did elections and no one was wanting to be in a leadership position–I think it was secretary–and so I just, like, nominated myself for it and then got elected. And so, I just kind of like participating more and more, and now I’m in Green Team.

Why did you decide to run for a big position in the club?

Well, it is my senior year and so I wanted to do my last thing and Green Team has become something that I’ve really come to love and watched it grow from this little tiny club that barely did anything to now were this huge club that we’re gonna do ‘Friends with Trees,’ we’re gonna do the ‘Summit,’ we’re gonna do all these different things, and I’m really looking forward to seeing that plan out this year, and I really wanted to be part of leadership again.

How do you think you can get the students to help the environment?

I think honestly, the more we spread the word and the more people we have, the more we can reach everyone in the school. Just standing out by the sorting tables out helps because if you talk to someone and they’re throwing away their trash and their recycling it’s how that someone cares and that we appreciate that you’re recycling.

What will the students participating in Green Team do to help the Earth?

Well, if I can pull some of my volunteer things from last year, we went around Vancouver and planted trees, so we helped with that. We went to the transfer station, where all the trash goes. We got a bigger perspective of where our trash goes–before that I really just thought that you throw away your trash and it’s just, out, out of sight out of mind–going to that really opened my eyes, it showed me there’s a lot we can do.

What is your goal for Green Team for the future?

Eventually, I would really like to see it grow and really be one of the main things at this school. I feel like we’re up and coming and I really want to see it become a big priority for all of our students.

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