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Is Streetwear Fashion Basic?

Fashion around urban cities has increased sales in ‘streetwear’ clothing. (Courtesy: BasementApproved)

What we wear is judged or admired by everyone around us. Camas High School Students are known to be of the upper-middle classes and can often afford valuable clothing.

Camas fashion is often perceived as “basic” or “unoriginal.” In many cases, those critical remarks are correct.

Every other boy at Camas High School has Old Skool Vans or a variety of nude colored $50 shirts.

Brands that have skyrocketed in the last three years are Thrasher, Supreme, Adidas, and Stussy. Clothing from these brands reflects the streetwear movement.

Attempts to expand the appeal of comfort and finance have prospered in this “movement.” Even though fashion depends on style, Portland has contributed to the trends of Camas High School. Oversized tees, joggers and Nike Huaraches all promote a simplistic, minimalistic lifestyle.

Streetwear grasped the attention of many when Kanye West released his first season of the Yeezy Collection. Although some fashion icons believe his collection to look homely, West is one of the first designers to revolve his line on nude-colored, extra-layered clothing. Since the release in October 2015, the Yeezy Collection has increasingly influenced “the movement” to promote men’s fashion especially.

Portland shops like Collier or Bridge & Burn are now selling high-end clothing items that are trying to follow West’s path. Vintage coats paired with button-ups and Stan Smiths are promoted among boutiques like Avalon on Oak Street. The style of every other person–specifically men–in Portland is diverse, unlike Camas. Bohemian, formal, Northwest casual, essentially all kinds of fashion are represented in PDX.

Portland is a very liberal but affluent community that represents all styles. Not just streetwear. Once the students of Camas High School explore their own style, both Camas and Portland will be model cities of expressing yourself.

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