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Six Ways to Give Back in 2017

Image result for giving quotesWeight loss? Keep a diary? Eat healthier? Get more sleep? Those are all common plans people resolve to set in motion when the calendar turns to January. But many people find themselves making a new year’s resolution that helps others and not just themselves. That may include giving back to the community. Here are six ways students can get involved and give back in the Camas area.

TUTOR-There are opportunities to help out the kids at the elementary schools, middle schools, and high school.

COACH/REF AT GAMES-Camas/Washougal soccer clubs provide opportunities to ref at the games. Whether you are an adult or kid, it’s never too late to get involved in local sports.

CLEANUP THE COMMUNITY-When walking downtown, make an effort to clean up after yourself, and even others if necessary.

HELP OUT A SENIOR CITIZEN-There is a Senior home at Lookout Ridge, off of Crown Road, and they like to meet youth and just have conversations with people.

VOLUNTEER AT A LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER-The Humane Society is always looking for volunteers, visit their website to see how:

GIVE OLD CLOTHES AWAY– Instead of throwing old clothes away, there are bins at local diners, such as Smitty’s, where people can donate their old clothes, instead of letting them go to waste in the trash.

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