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Camas High School is offering a club for a variety of people who have an interest in building, photography, and robots. The Robotics Club is much more than a club, it is a family.  Although robotics can be competitive and, at times, stressful (especially during competition), the team is supportive of each other and always puts on a smile.

Robotics is more dedicated compared to others. They spend countless hours a year making sure they put in all the effort they can, and if you are an overachiever like Nick Murray, you spend 2,000 hours a year working for robotics. During their tool days, it looks like they are Santa’s helpers making toys for children.

Murray, a current senior at CHS, runs the club. He discovered that he had an interest in robotics when he saw robot basketball on a billboard.  Murray was instantly fascinated by what he saw that he wanted to find a club, which led him to the CHS Robotics Club. He mentioned that his favorite thing about robotics is the fact that there are, “Tools all around you,” comparing it to school assignments and tests also favoring the hands-on environment.  Also, he made it clear that robotics can either be really hard or really easy depending on how much effort you put into it.  He stated that, “There’s no limit, no way to define how high you can go.”

Joseph Marugg is a current senior in robotics.  For him, it all started when one of his friends talked to him nonstop about robotics until he eventually tried it and instantly fell in love. One thing he made clear was that the club does a lot more than just building robots and have varied areas of interest.  Straightaway, he said, the robotics team is very supportive of each other and that he basically lives there.  His advice to others who are thinking of trying the club is to, “Give it a shot for a day, go for it.”  The worst thing that could happen is you find out you do not like it.

Morgan Gibk is a sophomore at CHS who enjoys everything about robotics.  She mainly works on the computer software (CADD).  To prepare for robotics, the only thing you need to be strong in is basic fractions in math.  She said that she has found friends for life in the club.  As well as being fun, this club looks good on college applications. She made clear, “Robotics is awesome, I recommend it for everyone”.

So if you are thinking about joining robotics, give it a try!  Just like Joseph said, the worst thing that could happen is you find out you don’t like it.  This club has no limits to creativity.  It may at first seem chaotic, but all the people around you will help you out.  If there is one club you should try, it is this one for sure!

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