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Freshmen Chromebooks: Blessing or Curse?


As of the start of this school year, all freshmen have been assigned their own Chromebook for school use.  With that power, comes responsibility, but is it fair to others, and is it really as helpful as it was intended to be?  


The freshmen Chromebooks can be very helpful for classes and gives easy access instead of having to borrow a Chromebook from the cart or visit a computer lab.  Another great thing about assigning Chromebooks to freshmen is the responsibility it gives them for the real world. Having the easy access you need, helpfulness, and responsibility makes the freshmen Chromebooks very handy and prepared for the future.


Although the freshmen Chromebooks have their benefits, it excludes the sophomores, juniors, and seniors from having their own, which has been causing some frustration.  Also, a downfall is the fact that the freshmen have to carry it around everywhere, causing extra weight along with those bulky textbooks!  In some ways, the other grades have a slight advantage because the freshmen have to make sure that when they get to school, their Chromebook is fully charged.  One big responsibility required of the freshmen is to be careful with them, of course. They take the Chromebooks home, but they have to be cautious of not spilling anything on it, not dropping it, and not letting young ones get a hold of it. 

The Chromebook’s pros and cons at the end of the day even out.  Yes, it may not be fair to other grades, but is quite nice not having to carry it around all day.  Wherever students fall on the issue, they should be grateful to have the tools to succeed in class.


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The chromebooks are basically only positive. I hope this enables students to be more organized.

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