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Ways to Stop Snoozing at School

In the Camasonian Newspaper’s continuing coverage of whether the Camas School District may push back school start times next year, here are some ways to help with staying awake at school for those early morning classes. The advice here will work differently for everyone, so try and see which works best for you!

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Try to sit close to the instructor- This can improve one’s ability to absorb more of what the teacher says. Sitting closer to the instructor can also help them get a better view you, that should keep you awake!

Pull on your earlobes- This is an interesting one… but studies have proven pulling on earlobes can be a great form of acupressure. Acupressure is an ancient type of therapy that has been effective for thousands of years.

Drink plenty of water- Staying hydrated is key to guaranteeing another way to stay awake during the first and second period. Hydration is also a phenomenal way to keep the body in good health.

Take a break from class and walk up and down the hall- Some quick exercise is one of the most effective ways to boost alertness, this also helps the flow of oxygen to the muscles.

Try not to slouch- Focusing on posture is another great way to confirm sleep as the last thought in your mind. Posture is also a great way to improve breathing habits.

Caffeine- That is right, this remedy(older than you)is probably one of the most effective tricks to cheating on sleep. Although all people react differently to caffeine, it has been known to increase stamina while exercising and cut the risk of throat and mouth cancer in half!

Snap a hair tie on your wrist- This can help keep you awake during those early classes. This is a great way to overcome sleepiness and stay alert.

Chew gum or eat a snack(if your teacher gives permission)- Chewing gum is another way to raise attentiveness in the classroom, it has been proven to stimulate the brain and increase blood flow to the head. Snacking shares the same purpose; it works best when a healthy snack is chosen.

Focus on breathing deeply- Focusing on breathing patterns is a sure way to keep your mind off of how tired you are.

Stretch often- Stretching is the essential way to keep oxygen flowing through the body and releasing all of the stress stored in the muscles. 

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