Easy DIY Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is full of fun, snow, and shopping. Every year stores get an influx of customers looking for the perfect gifts for their family and friends. Those gifts are expensive, though, especially if one has a lot of people to shop for. Here are some fun DIY gifts that will save a few bucks and give a personalized present to remember.

Coffee Mug

Personalized Coffee Mug. Courtesy Google.

A personalized coffee cup is a fun and simple gift. One could draw a picture, write a favorite quote, or inscribe an inside joke. Either way, it will make the receiver smile when they see it.

Open When… Cards

Open-When Cards. Courtesy Google.

Another personalized gift is a collection of open-whens, a great way to make the gift last throughout the year. Collect a treasured pile of memories, quotes, even memes, and put them in envelopes. Then on the envelope write, “open when . . .” You need a good laugh! You did something embarrassing! The possibilities are endless.

T-Shirt Art

T-Shirt Art. Courtesy Google

What better way to make a favorite T-shirt last then to use it as artwork? A great gift would be an old band shirt, one with a funny catchphrase, or something signed by a bunch of friends hanging on the wall.

Lyric Poster

Lyric Poster. Courtesy Google

Another great accessory for the wall would be a lyric poster. There are many ways to capture the lyrics of a favorite song, from a hand drawn poster board to the fancy canvas in the tutorial below.

Comic Coasters

A perfect present for that nerdy friend would be a comic book coaster. This easy-to-make gift could be changed to fit more than just a coaster. The basic steps are all in the tutorial below.

Candy Jar

A traditional but fun present for any sugar junky is the candy jar. Just personalize a container with funny anecdotes or quotes and fill it to the brim with a friend’s favorite candy!


For the more artsy gift givers, here’s a fun craft to protect friends from the cold. A hat or pair of gloves are easily bumped up to fit the wearer’s personality. In the tutorial below is a host of ideas for creative accessories.

22 Cool DIY Gloves For The Cold Weather

Dream Catcher

Dream catchers can be given at any time, and they’re just fun to make! The old Native American legend is that the ornament will catch the bad dreams and let the good ones in. Whether you believe that or not, they make an eccentric accessory to any room!

This holiday season, getting gifts for friends and family doesn’t need to break any wallets. Have fun with these personalized gifts, or come up with your own!

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