Staff of CHS

Staff of CHS: Rita Pakenan

Though Mrs. Pakenan is new to Camas High School this year, she is by no means new to Camas. Pakenan has been part of the Camas School District for the past 11 years and only this past year decided to pursue her lifelong dream of teaching.

She always pictured herself behind a desk, leading students and guiding them to success. After working all her life since her first college education, Pakenan never had the chance to teach. She needed to go to graduate school to get her masters, but she had a family, little time and did not have the money to fund the last part of her education. Once her daughter graduated college, Pakenan jumped on the chance to go after her goal, and get her masters.

Once Pakenan was ready to teach, she knew that Camas would be a great fit for her due to her history within the district. She loves everything about the area and is very excited for her future here at CHS.

This year she has taken on college and career ready classes, freshman success academy and IQ Credit Union. Though this seems like a load, her sweet demeanor and love for teaching pushes her to success even with such a variety of classes. When Pakenan is not planning her classes or grading homework, she is loving on her two cats at home because let’s be honest, cats are great!

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