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Staff of CHS: Nancy Koty

Courtesy Camas School District.
Courtesy Camas School District.

This year, 19 new staff members join Camas High School; among these is Nancy Koty, who teaches directed studies at CHS. While Mrs. Koty is new to this building, she is certainly no stranger to the Camas School District, as she has taught at both the older Cams High building and Skyridge, which culminates to about 19 years worth of experiences within this community.

When asked what she most enjoyed about Camas High, Mrs. Koty replied by explaining that there are just “such tremendous vibes from the people here; all the students that attend Camas seems as if they genuinely care about their academic endeavors and futures.”

Mrs. Koty has also seen much growth both within this school district, with the addition of a new high school and another middle school, as well as how the Camas community has expanded in size and popularity. She explained that when she first moved here for her husband’s work, the town was small, and relatively unknown. She described how amazing it has been, watching the community flourish in regards to infrastructure, commerce, and social standing. Koty also explained that while Camas has always been an academic powerhouse, the athletic department was once smaller and rode some much losing streaks.

This is in juxtaposition to the present, as Camas is, as of this year, the Girl’s Soccer State Championship holder, and the football team will be heading to the Tacoma Dome once again to attempt to clinch that coveted state title.

While Koty has seen many advancements in the Camas community, one aspect of this area that she claims has always been prevalent is the social awareness and the consideration that everyone, especially the students have for one another. She expounds on this, recounting how she was running late one morning and hit traffic on the hill, yet everyone was calm, taking turns and letting each other in, in the most organized of fashions.

“That wouldn’t have happened in somewhere like LA or any other bigger town or city, people are just so considerate here, it’s a unique climate of respect”.

Nancy Koty holds three degrees respectably from the University of Texas, LSU, and Walden, with a doctorate in Literacy. With all of these accolades clearly Koty holds much wisdom, and one of the biggest pieces of advice she had for high school students and beyond, is to follow their passion, and while money is important, pursue a career that will bring genuine happiness and a sense of fulfillment, just as she claims her career has done for her for the past 19 plus years.

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