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Courtesy Jacob Bedont.

The Tree Lighting

There is no doubt that Camas is a small town. The physical high school itself is in a country setting, enclaved  by farms and forest. The “center of commerce”, lovingly called “Downtown Camas” is eclectic, still based around the paper mill and dotted with small businesses and a Dairy Queen that is frequented for any special occasion. Like any small town, you can’t go into any store without seeing at least three people you know.

Like any small town, come December, Camas has that perfect “Hallmark” movie small-town look to it; and, like any good Hallmark movie, the season kicks off with the town’s annual Tree Lighting.

Taking place in the center of town, right outside of the Liberty Theater, which was boasting a marquee that wished luck to the high school football team, who would clinch the state title the next day. The tree itself was magnificent, ridiculously tall and topped with a “Mean Machine” adorned tree-topper. The lighting itself was just as sweet; it seemed as if the town came out to watch as they flipped the switch and commenced the fake snow-foam into the air.

While growing up in a small town can sometimes be rough (because seriously sometimes a trip to QFC turns into a town hall meeting), it is moments like this that truly remind all Camasonians how wonderful this community truly is, and how precious these moments are, and how special it is to grow up in such a place that allows for joy, and laughter, and wholesome Friday nights.

While this is the time of college admissions for many seniors, a time for these newly appointed adults to dream of traveling to far off states and new adventures, for many, the memories that Camas affords us in our childhood will last a lifetime, and this small, sweet little town, will always be our home.

The tree lighting displays this community, this love, and represents the unity this town has, and the hope we all carry as we ring in the new year.

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