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Art With Meaning

Around the Camas High School campus, you can find various different pieces of art on the walls. Varying from a lion above doors to quotes and bridges, to people helping others climb a vending machine. Now, why would Camas have such odd artistry posted along the walls of this wonderful campus? The idea started with ceramics teacher, Jared Jackman. Jackman has been teaching at Camas for two years and is switching it up with his art classes. Jackman switched teaching altogether – for this two-week project, he had students find a spot in the hallways, stairs, doorways, and anywhere else in the school, and he asked them to simply change the space in some way.

His goal is to get students to think about art as they make their way throughout the building, raising awareness for the art classes. He wants to bring a wider amount of people to take part in some sort of art class. Although the art has no real meaning, it is supposed to get the students of Camas High School thinking instead of mindlessly wandering from class A to class B and so far, it has been serving its purpose well. Some of the art can be found in the art hallways, 100 hallways, the gym hall, as well as above the stairs by the main commons .


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