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Staff of CHS: Ana Maria Bustos-Appelgren

The staff of Camas High School gave a warm welcome to new teacher Ana Maria Bustos-Appelgren this year. Mrs. Bustos-Appelgren is one of five Spanish teachers in the Camas School District. From approximately 1995-present Mrs. Bustos-Appelgren has been teaching, beginning in her home country of Chile.

Teaching foreign language in New Jersey and then in Pittsburgh, Mrs. Bustos-Appelgren began teaching foreign language in America. “I actually wasn’t born in Chile,” Bustos-Applegren explains, “I was born in Pittsburgh, and lived there for five years prior to moving to Chile where I lived most of my childhood.”

Bustos-Appelgren discovered her passion for teaching when she put together study sessions with friends. Her favorite part of teaching is interacting with students, whether she is singing with them, rhyming, or playing games. Bustos-Appelgren enjoys working with students that are motivated, driven, organized and have a desire to succeed. She also feels very welcomed by the staff of Camas and would like to give a special thank you for the warm welcoming at the teacher orientation.

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