First Snow of the Year

First Snow of the Year Proves Disappointing

There is no sight more enjoyed than the snowflake icon on the weather app. Thousands of Camasonians rejoiced when word got out that this majestic and rare gem popped up, late Sunday night. How could this be? There has rarely been inclement weather so early in the school year. Many believed this is a true winter miracle. However, when students awoke Monday morning to their alarm clocks, many felt betrayed and hurt by Mother Nature.

As the day went on, snow began to fall, and once it began, it seemed hard-pressed to stop. Despite desperate cries from most students, the dreaded email came from Principal Steve Marshall third period, declaring that school would go on, and blinds shut.

A mix of snow-frolicking activities, seen below, and cries to leave, as seen in the video left, ensued at A-lunch. Administrators were also seen shoveling snow off walkways, hoping to prevent injuries and increase safety in slick conditions. Falling isn’t the only concern however, several drivers feel increasingly less safe about driving home in such conditions.

“I’m excited and hoping for no school tomorrow,” Junior Madison Child says, “but I don’t have any snow tires yet and I am really nervous for when I have to drive home from school!”

“I’m euphoric about the snow, but I think I’m going to crash,” says Rachel Higgins, senior, “I live on a hill.”

“I can’t wait to make a snowman,” Kierstyn Heilbrun, junior, says, “but I live on Livingston and it gets icy and dangerous.” 

Inexperienced drivers or those who do not feel confident driving in slick conditions should not attempt to do so. Students should either ride a bus home, have a parent pick them up, or wait until conditions improve.

The snow, fortunately, or unfortunately, vanished almost as quickly as it arrived. Although many are disappointed, we can all hope to see more snow in the near future.


For information on Camas School District’s inclement weather policies and current school closure or delay statuses, check out this link:

Camasonian Photographer Eddy Vera-Soto captured these great images of the ‘Snowpocalypse 2k16.’

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