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Camas Papermaker Football has won their first State Title at the Tacoma Dome Saturday night. It was an epic game: final score 24-14. Jack Colletto had a strong-arm throughout the game, leading the team for their decisive win against the Richland Bombers.

Fans and parents traveled the two hours to the Dome to support their team. The community sent the team off in a grand way, taking a detour through Downtown Camas, the bus passed hopeful supporters waving on the sidewalks.

The Dome and the fans, loud and energized, cheered on the Papermakers, “Every single person had a little pom-pom, it was crazy” said Sean Chronister, senior and CHS band member.

img_2158“It was so much fun, I had a lot of fun,” said Lauren Johnson, senior and CHS band member, “when we were doing the rave, Nick [Carter] was doing the sprinklers and the commentator commented on it, ‘I don’t know what instrument that guy plays, but he’s doing one hell of a sprinkler!'”

It was a crazy night, wrapping up an undefeated season in the most epic of ways. The Papermakers have become the ‘Championmakers.’

Tanner Howington, senior and middle linebacker, said, “You can’t describe winning, it was crazy,” he described, “I started crying, I laid down on the field, it was a weird feeling.”
The game was even trending on Twitter, reaching the top three trending tags that day.

One thing is for sure, the Camas High School Papermaker football team of 2017 will go down in history as one of the greatest teams Camas has ever seen.

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