‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’ Review


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On Friday November 25th, 2016 Netflix released Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, a mini series each an hour and a half long. The show first started in 2000 and ended in 2007 and recently came back, giving Gilmore Girl fans an update on their life and a sense of closure…at least they thought.  All four episodes covered different seasons of the year, starting with Winter.  

What Is Gilmore Girls About?

Gilmore Girls is about a girl named Lorelai who became pregnant at the age of 16 and raised her daughter, Rory, all by herself and the bond they have in their everyday crazy life in Stars Hollow.  It starts when Rory was 16 years old and showed both Lorelai’s life as well as Rory’s. Both girls have a very close bond with another and have a good witty humor and love to eat junk food and coffee.  Lorelai owns an inn and struggles finding a partner and constantly fights with her rich parents, Emily Gilmore and Richard Gilmore.  Rory is an intelligent book worm and destined writer who is still learning about life and making mistakes along the way. This show is an absolute must watch for people who enjoy funny and heartwarming T.V. shows.

Stars Hollow

The setting of Gilmore Girls take place mainly in a small town, Stars Hollow in Connecticut.  This town is always very festive around the holidays and has many events for visitors, a gazebo, and a newspaper, The Gazette, which gives the same poems every year, but loved by everyone.  This is not just any town, this is a town where everyone knows everyone.  In Stars Hollow there are several characters that you need to know because they impact the Gilmore girls’ life.  First is Taylor who makes town decisions and often bugs others (especially Luke) to change something.  Then there is Kirk, a guy who constantly changes jobs and is the humorous and sometimes annoying guy who never fails to make you smile (not to mention his short films are pretty spectacular). Next is Luke Danes, he owns the main diner in Stars Hollow and has a grumpy attitude, but deep down a warm heart.  Lorelai and Rory go to Luke’s diner almost every day and that is where Lorelai goes to get her coffee and annoy Luke.  Then there is Paris Geller. She is a very smart and hard working girl, but you do not want to mess with her. She has the tendency to scare people, but she ends up becoming close friends with Rory. Also their is Sookie, an amazing passionate chef who is Lorelai’s best friend. Miss Patty and Babette are older ladies that are the gossipers of Stars Hollow and friendly ladies who always bring the party.  Then is Michel who is a french, sassy worker for Lorelai, but do not leave your kids with him.  Next is Rory’s best friend, Lane and her strict mom, Mrs. Kim. Lane is a friendly and aspiring rockstar girl who secretly breaks her mom’s rules.  Last is Christopher. He was the man that got Lorelai pregnant at the age of 16 and left her to raise Rory herself.  He later on tries coming back into Rory’s life and constantly has to prove that he is no longer that reckless boy he used to be. There are other characters who show up later on in the show like Logan Huntzberger, Jess, Dean,Tristan, Jackson, Doyle,Jason Stiles,Max Medina  and Lorelai’s parents Emily and Richard Gilmore who live in Hartford.

Oy with the poodles already! Are the new episodes good?

As a die hard Gilmore Girl fan the first three episodes were a disappointment. Before watching them I was worried that it just would not be the same and, sadly not as funny. I was pleased to see that almost every actor in Gilmore Girls came back for the show some showing little age difference while others looked completely different. However the fourth (last) episode, Fall, was extremely touching. That episode really reminded me of the old Gilmore Girls with its good sense of humor and love. I was expecting the ending of the fourth episode to give fans a sense of closure, but it still gave us some last twists and turns till the very end. A lot of things happened when we were gone and some things are still a mystery, but the last episode gives us some insight on what may happen for them

Favorite Quotes from the Gilmore Girls

“I just want you to remember three things while you’re sitting up there. I love you. You’re the greatest kid in the world. And you’re in a skirt, keep your knees closed.”  -Lorelai Gilmore

“Ok, let’s be organized, Make it fast, make it snappy, and if there’s any impulse buying, make it chocolate.”   -Lorelai Gilmore

“I got kissed-and I shoplifted!”   -Rory Gilmore

“ I just got hit by a deer!”    -Rory Gilmore

“You can’t watch Willy Wonka without massive amounts of junk food.”   -Lorelai Gilmore

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