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xc-number-1For yet another year in a row, the Camas Girls Cross Country Team dominated the trails. After winning State last year with a team of five sophomores, one freshman and one senior, it was clear that Girls Cross Country had another amazing season ahead of them. This year the team consisted of one sophomore, Rachel Blair, five juniors, Emma Jenkins, Ellie Postma, Madison Child, Kaylee Merritt, and Brooke Roy along with freshman Halle Jenkins and freshman Hailee Parman who was unable to complete the season due to an injury.

These girls won League, Districts, Bi-Districts, finished well in all of their invitationals, came in second at State, and finished ninth in Boise at Regionals this season. For any team, this is quite an impressive feat, but for the Camas Cross Country girls it is expected. They were even a little disappointed not to get first in State, showing yet again the high standards they set for themselves. Their continued success over the past few years is extremely impressive. The girls attribute their success to the team bond that holds the group together. Before every big race, the girls would write, “You’re part of a team. Something bigger. When someone is successful, it is good for the team as a whole. Everyone is in it together,” on their calves for inspiration.

The close bonds created after daily practices and hard races together go beyond the trails. The girls all see each other as close friends, and asking Brooke Roy what her favorite memory from the season is, she recalls, “My favorite memory was exploring Boise with my best friends.” The girls are more than just teammates, they are like sisters.

This relationship is even more literal for Emma and Halle Jenkins, sisters both on and off the cross country team. Halle is a freshman this year, making it her first year of high school cross country, so it was very pleasing to make Varsity alongside her sister. In some families the competition between the girls could have caused tension, but not for the Jenkins sisters. Rather than pull them apart, they have, if possible, grown even closer. Both girls see each other as role models, inspiring them to race even harder. Emma stated, “Although [Halle] is younger than me, I look up to her strength and motivation every day.”xc-number-2

The two sisters and the rest of the team are very excited to see what next year has in store for them. According to Ellie Postma, “I think we are going to do well next year because we will have a lot of seniors on the team with experience that can lead us to be successful.” Since the team will not lose any of its members from this season, everyone can be sure to expect more impressive results in 2017. So make sure to keep the cross country girls in mind and show them some support because even after all their success, very few Papermakers attend their races. The girls hope to see everyone come out next Fall to cheer them on!

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