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Camas Football Rolls On

Varsity Team Travels to State

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Chiawana. That word, that one tiny little combination of symbols, is all it takes to evoke a range of teary eyes, rage, or perhaps residual confusion from practically any citizen of Camas.

The winter of 2013 was one of aggressive chill, snow, inclement weather, and the most magical of announcements that came around second period, allowing students to go home early on a half snow day. This was also when the Camas football team went to State, and spoiler alert: lost. Now, if you’ve never been to Camas, you might not know this, but Camas High Football is kind of a big deal around here; it is as important to the culture here as bad school mascots and trips to Dairy Queen for big occasions. This loss, against the team-that-must-not-be-named, was one of the biggest upset in the history of the high school; occurring in the last two minutes, in the most “Hail Mary” of moments, Chiawana High School snatched the title right out from Camas, and it seems as though this community still isn’t over it.

In a twist of fate, the very freshmen that faced this tough loss early in their career, are now Seniors. The last time Camas was at the coveted Dome, fighting for this title, was in 2013; but, this Saturday, the football team will once again make this northern trek, and are very clear in their intentions; they are looking for a win.

It actually makes sense that this team is back; having these past years to fester over this loss and overcome it, has undoubtedly made them stronger and hungrier for a win.

This Saturday, Camas will face off against Richland High School at the Tacoma Dome. Win or lose, Camas is and will continue to be incredibly proud of this team, who has fought hard to be where they are today.

If able, come support these boys in Tacoma at 7:30 on Saturday, December 3rd. It’s a red out so come decked in any red Camas spirit gear you own. Additionally, come ready to cheer for your team, though, as we learned the last go around, maybe refrain from the infamous “Start the buses!” chant that was fallen to a loss in the last state championship game.

It will be a great game, and possibly the making of some Camas history, from the entire Journalism Staff, good luck boys and Go Papermakers!

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