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Staff of CHS: Kyle Keefe


Camas High school’s new staff member, Kyle Keefe, is an English teacher for 10th and 11th graders. Keefe is originally from Colorado, but ended up here in Camas, Washington. He had a sport injury in college which changed his future.  He had an office job, but hated it and gave it up for teaching.  He said that he never thought that he would be a teacher, but because of life’s obstacles, that’s where it took him.

Not only is he new to CHS, but he is new to Camas in general (this being his first year at Camas), although he lived in Washington for four years.  It is clear he is a busy man, teaching English along with being a basketball coach for CHS.  When he isn’t busy teaching he enjoys basketball (of course, because he’s a basketball coach), but also has an interest in dogs.  

His favorite thing about teaching is to be a sense of safety for the students, and he likes to see students advocate for themselves, take ownership and show him they are trying and if needed, get help in order to get where they want to be.  He chose to teach high school because he understands the age group, and he wants to be a model for students. He wants to see his hard work pulled off into guiding and helping the students grow up successful and happy.  He said that they are “the change of the world”. He wants them to be the change “they want to see in the world.”

Teachers who are passionate about their jobs are students’ favorites because they know they care.  That’s ultimately what teens (and students) want: to know that someone cares.  

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