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Staff of CHS: Kari Hotchkiss

This year the high school welcomed a new member of its art department. Kari Hotchkiss, who is starting her teaching career at Camas, is teaching intro to ceramics.

Hotchkiss began teaching because of her love of art. “I want to empower students to know the value of themselves and others,” she said. “Art is very powerful. It comes out of ourselves and our experiences, and it helps students draw out what they feel.”

Her favorite part of teaching is interacting with her students. “I like seeing students learn and understand. They take challenges and go beyond the surface. I love how students don’t take the easiest way out. They choose the most difficult options and work hard to connect with their art.”

Her students are also understanding as she navigates her first year of teaching. “I like how students appreciate the time teachers take to grow,” she said. “They’re okay with me saying ‘I think we’re doing this,’ and then changing it. Or when they have a question and I say, ‘I can mostly answer that.’ They’re very patient.”

With a love of art and a desire to pass that love on to students, Hotchkiss is a welcome member of the Camas community.

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