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Hacks for Life: School

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  1. When researching information for an essay, do not use Using will help you find more relative information quicker.
  2. Copying and pasting an essay into Google Translate and listening to it makes it easier to catch mistakes.
  3. Study your notes the same day they were written. Studies suggest you will remember 60 percent more of what you learned.
  4. Writing down your worries before an exam has been proven to increase test scores.
  5. The first eight digits of pie can be found by counting the letters in the words “may I have a large container of coffee.”
  6. Take a picture of your class schedule and make it your phone’s lock screen. You no longer have to worry about losing papers and you always have your schedule in your pocket.
  7. When you are confused about whether to use “effect” or “affect,” ditch both words and use the word “impact.”
  8. If the final sentence in your essay does not make you “drop the mic,” it needs a stronger conclusion.
  9. Create a playlist that matches the amount of time you need to get ready in the morning. This will ensure you leave the house on time.
  10. Times New Roman is the easier and fastest font to read.

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These are all very helpful, especially the impact one since I’ve always struggled with determining which one to use.

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