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DECA Week: More Than Spirit

Promoting Awareness and Interaction

DECA Week, Nov. 7 through 16, a spirit week promoted by CHS DECA, has a goal of bringing about a new perception and understanding of the organization. Each day coincides with a theme that promotes the recognition of chapter events and goals – each day representing something bigger than just a surface thought.

Monday: “Disney Day.” Everyone wears Disney-themed gear and plays the hit-game, ‘Scene It,’ in-class as a countdown to the International Career Development Conference (ICDC), held in Anaheim this year. The theme encourages other students to ask questions, helping to raise excitement and interest in the program.

Tuesday: “Election Day.” Classes play the ‘Human Knot’ game and other team-building activities to promote unity within the chapter.

Wednesday: “Professional Day.” DECA is a business organization that teaches marketing skills, business management, financial literacy, public speaking skills, and so much more. DECA teaches students what it is like to work in a professional business and expects members to act and appear professionally as well. This day represents the basis of the program and its fundamental goals.

Thursday: “DECA Day.” Every member wears their DECA-branded t-shirts at school as a mass awareness campaign for DECA. Games are played at each lunch and students are given the opportunity to interact with one another and learn more about the chapter.

In the end, DECA Week is a fun and exciting time filled with games and activities. The entire process is created with a bigger picture in mind, with the hopes that more people learn about DECA and that our chapter expands.

Guest Author: Chris Okimoto

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