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Attitude of Gratitude: Staff of CHS

Kelly Kealoha

Throughout the year there are certain times set aside to celebrate teachers and administration at a school, but what about the rest of the staff? Janitors, security, and lunch room staff are often taken for granted, even though their presence and influence are essential in developing Papermaker Pride.  As Thanksgiving draws near, students of Camas High should take a moment to thank the people that help the school function.  

One CHS employee who deserves gratitude is Kelly Kealoha. Kealoha has been working at the high school for 14 years, providing an environment that students feel safe in.  Kealoha says that her favorite part of the job is watching “the students blossom into wonderful humans.”  However, Kealoha states that “having to enforce a rule I may not agree with but know is for the good of the student body” is one thing she does not enjoy about her job. One thing students might not know about Kealoha is that she wears her, “pajamas inside out on purpose” in order to avoid the seams. Kelly says that the best way for students to show their gratitude for her is by “following the rules and showing each other respect.”

Another employee who works hard for CHS is Jennifer Brock. Brock has worked at CHS for three years and provides her service by cashiering during lunch as well as driving a bus before and after school. Students can also catch Brock packing cookies and refilling all the drinks in the commons.  Brock enjoys “interacting with students,” and suggests that students can show their gratitude by “being polite and nice [and] creating a good atmosphere at school.”

These are just two examples of a variety of CHS support staff.  There are several ways to show your gratitude for these amazing people. Chloe Pace, freshman, suggests that “One easy way to show gratitude is just when they help you, or the janitor just cleaned up your table,  just look them in the eyes and tell them thank you!” Sometimes, these simple words of gratitude can make all the difference to those who sometimes get taken for granted. During this holiday season, take a few moments to thank all those who provide these and so many other forgotten services, and help spread an attitude of gratitude throughout the halls of CHS.

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