Soundtracks: The Unappreciated

Star Wars soundtrack cover. Courtesy Google

Music has the ability to bring out emotions in people whether it is happiness, anger, or sorrow. It has different genres like pop, country, alternative, and rap, among others. They all have one thing in common: they have words. Movie and TV soundtracks are often looked over because they are instrumental. However, they have equal ability to excite emotion from listeners.

Some soundtracks have such an impact on people that they become a cultural aspect. After all, if somebody were to start humming the Star Wars theme, only recluses would be unable to recognize it. John Williams, a successful instrumental artist, composed the tracks of the iconic movie in 1977, and it is still a common theme song.  Jaws, written in 1975, follows a similar pattern. Whether people have seen this well-known shark movie or not, they’ll recognize the iconic duuun dun, duuun dun” that people hum whenever something ominous happens. Another action packed soundtrack that has withstood the test of time is Indiana Jones. John Williams also composed this soundtrack. It’s a movie with a theme song everybody recognizes, and the rest of the album is just as iconic.

Soundtracks can also be as emotionally charged as songs with lyrics. The movie Titanic brought people to tears in theaters, and the soundtrack does the same. Composed by James Horner in 1997, it brings up memories of the poignant movie for those who have seen it while simultaneously bringing out emotion from those who haven’t. Another movie that is commonly referenced for its beautiful track is Gladiator. While the movie is for adults, the soundtrack stands alone as a beautiful album that all ages can enjoy.

Though often overlooked, soundtracks belong to a genre of music that is timeless, action-packed, emotional, and deserves just as much attention as mainstream music.

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I have to agree with this because honestly, star wars is in my opinion the best movie series ever made. The song has become such an american icon and most americans know it. I do like songs with words but when the music is that good, I just can’t deny it.

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