DIY Nail Art Tutorial

Everyone loves beautiful nail art, but it makes it that much better when it can be done by yourself. This DIY tutorial gives step by step directions to achieve this glorious look.

Step 1: Begin by drying the surface of the nails by using a cotton pad or paper towel and rubbing alcohol. Lightly dab the alcohol on the top of the nail.


Step 2: Before applying any nail color it is important to apply a clear base coat to prevent and protect the nail against damage and staining.

Step 3: Apply a thin coat of light pink polish to the thumb, pinkie, and middle nails. Allow to dry then apply a second coat to make the polish appear completely opaque. Repeat using white nail polish on the index finger and silver sparkles on the ring finger.blank-coat-2

Step 4: Using a toothpick, form small, vein-like lines across the white polish to resemble marble on both ring fingers.last-coat-2

Step 5: Apply a quick drying top coat and cap the nail by brushing the polish along the very edge of the nail to prevent chipping.b4

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