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Getting To Know A Camas Skateboarder

Camas High School is home to many athletes, about half of the school participates in an athletic activity. However, some of these athletes do not participate in traditional sports. Extreme sports popularity is growing every day. Currently. the big two that are being talked about are surfing and skateboarding. Both have been announced in the Olympics as new categories of competition

I sat down with local sponsored skateboarder, Jackson Lufkin, discussing his interest in the sport and what he thinks about it joining the Olympics. 


Who are you sponsored by?

“Morningwood Skateboards.”

How long have you been skateboarding?

“Like… uh… two years.”

What got you into the sport?

“My little brother, older brother and ‘Skate 3,’ hahaha.”

What type of skateboarding do you participate in?

“Street, definitely street.”

Do you have any hopes for a future in skateboarding?

“Well, I mean kind of, obviously, the dream is to be a pro skateboarder. But if I can still skate when I’m older, I’ll be fine.”

What is your current skateboard setup?

“Revive skateboard deck, Andale bearings, Indy trucks, Force wheels and Shorties hardware!”

What are your favorite tricks?

“Tre flips and backside flips.”

What was your first major trick?

“The first actual cool trick I did was I ollied a 3-stair.”

Who are your favorite professional skaters?

“Andrew Reynolds. Right now I’m likin’ Chris Joslin, Cody Mcentire, and Axel Cruysberghs.”

What are your favorite skate films?

“‘What Time When’, ‘Stay Gold’ and uhm… ‘Pretty sweet.”

What’s your opinion on skateboarding in the Olympics?

“Some parts of me like it, but a lot of me doesn’t like it because skateboarding is kind of like an individual sport and it’s supposed to be fun and I really don’t like the super competitive aspect of it. I think it’s awesome they’re giving it a chance and you know obviously it’s rad for everyone that’s going to compete but in the end, skateboarding is skateboarding and it’s meant to be fun.”


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