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Villaluz on Varsity

Tradition has been broken at Camas High School as Emma Villaluz, a freshman, snatched a spot on the varsity volleyball team. Although it is rare for a freshman to make varsity in any sport, Villaluz raised a standard set by upperclassmen. Villaluz has been playing volleyball for five years, many of those summers occupied with beach volleyball. Clearly, she is an experienced player at the top of her game.

The Camas HIgh School varsity volleyball team(courtesy of google).
The Camas High School varsity volleyball team(courtesy of google).


When asked if she

anticipated being placed on varsity, Villaluz said:”My goal was to make it on junior varsity…and I was surprised when I made the team”. Granted it certainly was not what she had expected, Villaluz definitely did not have difficulty fitting in,” My team always has my back…they could never let me down” Her teammate, Courtney Clemmer, describes her as energetic, helpful and court savvy. Villaluz has truly succeeded to impact this team for the better this season and has a great responsibility to be a role model for years to come.

Varsity volleyball is under the command of head coach Michelle Allen who also is in charge of Leadership and teaches health. When asked how Villaluz will impact next year´s freshman players, Michelle responded with,¨ Emma is a player who one hundred percent represents what I’m looking for in my program. She’s smart, hardworking,dedicated and driven to succeed on and off the court. I am excited to see her shine these next three years. ¨ evidently, Villaluz will have a large role to play in the program. Emma has already enhanced the program for the better, the majority of the girls on the other teams view her as a role model. Villaluz has negated tradition and, as a result, has motivated all of the players in the program to ameliorate their enthusiasm and strive for their aspirations.

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