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“Twelfth Night:” A CHS Production


“Twelfth Night”, by William Shakespeare is coming to CHS, produced by drama teacher, Sean Kelly and performed by talented CHS students. It’s a play about love and the unexpected twists and turns that lead people to it. And for the actors starring in the show, the CHS theater is a community, and the actors are friends. This undeniably talented cast shows true devotion to their community.

Sir Toby Belch, also known as Elias Besen, is a senior at CHS. The first play he was in was last year’s production of “The Murder of 1940”. His favorite thing about theater is the power to entertain others. Just like every actor, they have fellow performers that they are inspired by, for Elias it is Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert De Niro, who are in movies like The Intern and Nightcrawler. If not familiar with Elias’s character, Sir Toby he is Olivia’s cousin known for being drunk most of the time, obnoxious and, at times, manipulative. He described his character as tubby, under the influence, and insidious. Fortunately, Elias is nothing like his character!

Omar Shafiuzzaman is a junior at CHS who plays Feste, the clown of the house. According to Shafiuzzaman he is, insightful, clever, and sad. Shafiuzzaman has a passion for music and his favorite song currently is “Lack Of Color” by Death Cab For Cutie, and he even played a little bit of the song on his acoustic guitar, which by the way sounded beautiful. Just like Elias, his first play was ‘The Murder of 1940’ where he played one of the lead roles. After a moment to think, he decided that his most favored thing about theater is that they “all share human experience together.”

Last, is current senior Brooke Moltrum, who plays Viola. Moltrum has been in theater for all four years of High School and is very passionate and dedicated to her roles. She admires how strong willed her character Viola is, her sense of wit, and the love for things around her. Her favorite thing about theater is the ability to share stories and impact people’s lives and she loves the work of writers Lin Manuel Miranda, Tennessee Williams, and of course Shakespeare. Her advice to people who want to try out for a play, but are too scared to is: “Be bold, go for it!” She believes you never know when you can find your passion, and that trying something is the best way to find out!

“The Twelfth Night” continues its run November 11 & 12 at 7 p.m and November 12 at 2 p.m.

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