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Lizzy Wing: Making the Cut

At the beginning of the football season the varsity cheer team got together to perform at the Camas Days Parade.

Everyone knows that in Camas, sports is a top priority, but not everyone can make the cut. CHS prides itself with elite athletes in a variety of sports. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Wing not only made the cut, but she also raised the bar when she made varsity cheer in her first year at Camas. In fact, Wing is the first freshmen on varsity cheer in four years.

At the end of her eighth-grade year, Wing decided to get involved at her new school by trying out for cheerleading. Wing explains, “The tryout process was fun! It gave us an opportunity to show skills we were successful with and to feel what it was like to be a cheerleader for Camas. I was a little nervous about cheering loud because my other cheer team doesn’t cheer at all. We just stunt, tumble, and dance.”

Wing has been enrolled in competitive cheer for three years and has a background in gymnastics and dance. In addition to cheering for CHS, Wing remains active on a competitive squad. She says, “I am lucky enough to do All Star Cheer as well! I am on Team dream at Oregon Dream Teams which is a level-five team.”

Wing’s squad travels all over the nation for competitions and hopes to make it to World Competition in April.

All this activity comes with many challenges. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Wing goes straight from CHS to All Star Cheer with little time to spare. Wing does all her homework in the car during the commute to and from practice. She explains, “I  do sometimes feel like I’m trying to balance too much. It’s hard when I don’t get the time to really sit down and do nothing like relax but I love it so much it’s definitely worth it.”

Her biggest challenge as the newbie on the squad was learning 75 cheers that all her other teammates already knew. But for her, all the hard work is worth it. “The biggest highlight of cheering is being with my amazing teammates and helping lead our incredible community in cheering for our football team! It is such an honor to be apart of a community unlike any other I have ever seen!”

Look for Wing on the sidelines as Camas football continues on in the playoffs.

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Becoming a varsity athlete as a freshman is very difficult, especially in a school like Camas which is so large and competitive. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Lizzy is truly a hard-worker and is such a sweet deserving girl! The way she balances everything she has going on in her life is a great thing to look up to.

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