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Assistant Superintendent with a Purpose

Dr. Charlene Williams was hired in June 2016 as the deputy superintendent of the Camas School District.
Dr. Charlene Williams, hired June 2016 as the deputy superintendent of the Camas School District. Courtesy Camas Post-Record.

The responsibility of supporting a growing school district like Camas is a colossal occupation.  This summer, the Camas School District hired Dr. Charlene Williams as the deputy superintendent to replace now-superintendent Jeff Snell.

Williams previously worked in the Portland Public Schools District as an administrator at an alternative school; she also taught high school math prior to becoming an administrator.

Williams truly cares about the prosperity of students and staff of the Camas School District. She remembers her close family members, pastors, and mentors all guiding her on the journey of school leadership. She remembers how discussions with those groups helped her in applying for the assistant superintendent position, saying, “The opportunity came and I vetted it with some close people I trust. My children were a huge part in my application process because the decision would affect them.”

As a student herself, Williams seriously considered studying mechanical engineering, but she knew her heart was in education. Even in high school she “was thinking about…  women and minorities not doing well in math and science.” She thought, “I can make a difference as an engineer, or I can go into education and impact students.” She recalls, “Early on, even though I did not understand everything about what being a teacher looks like, I had aspirations to impact as many students as I could.”

Williams received her doctorate from Lewis & Clark College and completed dissertation work in African-American male perceptions of teacher expectations. As a result, diversity and equality are values Williams plans to promote in the Camas School District. She is also focused on creating a more relaxed learning environment for students and staff.

Williams is passionate and steadfast in improving the schools of Camas, and she hopes the Papermaker faculty and students prosper in a balanced synergy of the academic, art, and athletic programs Camas has to offer. 

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