Girls’ Soccer: The Road to State

After the Camas Girls’ Soccer program lost seven seniors last year, no one was sure what to expect for this year’s season. Five players went on to play college soccer, including two players who made the All-State team last year, Anyssa DeVera and Mason Minder. The team’s future was so uncertain that the Camas Girls’ Soccer team was not even ranked for the 2016 season, even though they were ranked second going into their season last year. It looked like Camas might not be the threat they were in previous years, so no one expected  the impressive start the girls produced this year. 


So far, the girls won 16 of 17 games, tying once against Sherwood High School during a preseason game on September 13. The team only had one goal scored against them in their 17 games and scored 73 goals against their opponents. They finished their league play on Tuesday October 25 with a spectacular 4-0 win against Skyview. Camas ended at the top of the league table towering over their opponents with a total of 24 points, 9 points more than Union and Skyview, Camas’ top competition.

Coach Minder and his girls could not be more thrilled with how their season has gone so far. According to Minder, this is a team that could make it to the State finals so long as they keep up their performance and continue to improve with each game.

Senior Hannah Taie, captain oimage2-copyf the soccer squad, is equally excited. After a successful preseason, Taie says,  “with this group of talented girls and the growing chemistry between all the players, I believe that this could be the year we win State!”

The girls’ soccer team has not won a State title since 2005, so they are definitely due for a win. The team has ten seniors this year, and they are committed to making it deep into the State tournament. With their many years of experience and collective years playing together, the team chemistry is apparent. The team believes this has been the key to their success and feel that it has given them an edge over their competition. They maintain their closeness through team dinners, countless practices, watching JV and, of course, playing in matches together.

This upcoming week the girls will be playing in the round of 16 and the quarter finals for the State tournament.  Please come out and support the Papermakers as they continue on their road to the State finals!

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