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Admission Season Tips

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Courtesy Google.

One of the most stressful yet exciting times of a teenagers life is undoubtedly their Senior year. Parties, privileges, and graduation are all aspects that add to the fun that is a student’s culminating childhood experience. But, before all of these festivities can begin, a dark cloud seems to loom over all Seniors, this ominous period is also known as “Admission Season.”

Beginning with the start of a new school year, and lasting all the way until acceptance letters are firmly in hands, a fair amount of stress and impatience is pretty normative. While there is no way around this right of passage now referred to as the “Common App”, there are a few hints and tips that can make this season just a bit brighter; below are a few that can hopefully make the application process a little easier!

Start Early

Most applications and supplemental essays, and the Common App are available starting August 1st, starting during the summer when still have free time to do a quality job, and also have time to revise can allow you to ensure your application and essay are exactly how you want them!


Fill out scholarships during the summer as well- you have time to search around and knock out a couple while on break, plus it is free money! Websites like Unigo and Niche are free and can help you find personalized scholarships and financial awards.


Ask a trusted teacher or teachers for letters of recommendation as early in the year as possible. Pick teachers from a  variety of subjects or from a class you did well in, teachers get asked all the time and the sooner you as the more likely you are to receive a glowing letter.


Fill out your FAFSA and CSS as soon as possible- these are quick and can save you a lot of money in the long run; make sure you know when deadlines for each of these is; deadlines differ by state and college so make sure you understand what this means for you personally; generally deadlines are listed on University and State websites.


Have a teacher or peer review your personal statement or college essay- pick someone you trust and have them go through and read to ensure that your writing displays your writing abilities as well as some of your best traits and attributes; it’s okay to brag a bit, be confident!


Take the SAT or ACT and submit your scores sooner rather than later, they take awhile to be sent and received by schools so the earlier the better.

Lastly, be patient, although waiting for that letter in the mail is a horrible form of torture, it will all be worth it in the end! And while you wait, apply for more scholarships!

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