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Simply 8

Rising stars in the Camas Community

Rising to the music scene is one of Camas’ own, Simply 8. Formed in February of 2016, this band’s chemistry is undeniable. The band is made up of  five members: college Sophomore Zephry Lyne, guitar, CHS Senior Hayden Kane, bass, Senior Rachel Higgins, lead vocals, Junior Soroush Badiei, drummer, and Junior Gabriel Mukobi, guitar. Simply 8 has already played multiple gigs and more are coming.

What got these musicians interested in their talents? Lyne says, “Going back to 2003… I saw this violin trio on the side of the road and thought: ‘that’s cool!’” He explains how he went on to take violin lessons which moved him on to trumpet and later euphonium and eventually, guitar.

An interest in music began early for Kane, as well, sharing, “When I was in third grade, for Christmas, I did not get a bass guitar, I got Guitar Hero for my new Nintendo Wii,” he continued, “I mastered Guitar Hero and then realized that the guitar was lame and bass was cool, so I played bass.”

As for Higgins, she has been singing her entire life, “I sing at church and stuff and I played trumpet in middle school and I play it still, so I’m musical in that way.”

Mukobi got interested in music in fourth grade, he revealed, “My parents got me an acoustic guitar for my birthday and I played that all the time.”  

Badiei grew up in a musical household, “My dad has been a musician for quite a long time, and he got me started on the violin at the age of four,” His interest continued through middle school where he auditioned for percussion, “I tried out and I got in and I’ve been sticking to percussion since seventh grade.”

This high-spirited group met here at CHS as members of marching and jazz band, except for Higgins who met coincidentally according to Kane, “Our friend groups collided.”

Their parents have been very supportive, letting the band practice for “countless hours.” Patient families were a blessing when it came to practice as the group often rehearsed in spare bedrooms. Laughingly, yet appreciative, Kane added, “Some parents just hate loud noise, and that’s exactly what we are.”

Where did their name come from some may ask?

Rachel Higgins is quick to enlighten, “One day I was looking online and I found this statistic that said 92 percent of billboard top 100 songs were about sex and drugs and we were like, what if we were part of that eight percent that is not about sex, drugs, and all that bad stuff.”

The group plays covers as well as many original songs, and they described themselves to be of the “Indie-rock” genre. The group is a collective process, Soroush Badiei added, “Generally everyone writes their own parts and Rachel writes lyrics.” Song inspiration is pulled from the group’s many favorite genres, old and new. Creating their own sound is a collective mash-up that is unique and exciting to hear and leaves fans wanting more.

Catch Simply 8  at their next show at Analog Theater in Portland November 25, and at Journey Church, in Downtown Camas January 6. More shows can be found on their website

Questions with the band:

Soroush Badiei:

Band you like at the moment: DragonForce

Current song on repeat: Through the Fire and Flames- Dragonforce

Described by peers as: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Gabriel Mukobi:

Band you like at the moment: Big Wreck

Current song on repeat: Ghosts- Big Wreck

Described by peers as: Incredibly intelligent

Hayden Kane:

Band you like at the moment: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Current song on repeat: Are We Ready?-Two Door Cinema Club

Described by peers as: Focused

Rachel Higgins:

Band you like at the moment: FUN.

Current song on repeat: Changes- David Bowie

Described by peers as: Inspiring

Zephry Lyne:

Band you like at the moment: Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty

Current song on repeat: Real World- Matchbox Twenty

Described by peers as: Determined

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