Humans of CHS Series

Staff of CHS: Charlotte Waters

Charlotte Waters is a new teacher here at Camas High. She came here as she,”Heard it was a great place to work.” Furthermore, she loves teaching. In fact, her motivation to begin teaching came from an English teacher she once aspired to become. Teaching is a great way to help people, and that is why she chose to teach.

When asked why she chose science specifically, she said, “I like helping people understand difficult concepts.  I think our society needs more scientifically literate people, so science seemed like a natural fit.” Waters loves what she does but admittedly, “It takes a lot of mental power.  I know science, but every year I get new students, so I need to learn how to help them.  I have to adapt and change so that they have a good experience in class.” It makes sense that teaching takes a lot of mental power, but pairing science experiments with students has the potential for danger, but Waters handles it well, and she helps so many kids.

Waters has a unique teaching style that draws kids to her, she likes “to have fun. Science is as exciting or as boring as you make it.” Science is usually the subject that kids get the most bored in, but because of teachers like Waters, who strive to make teaching fun, kids learn a lot, and they have fun with hands-on activities and experiments.

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