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“Girls Learn” Changes to “Human Rights Club”

The Camas Girls Learn International Chapter is now the International Human Rights Club.
The Camas Girls Learn International Chapter is now the International Human Rights Club. Courtesy

Traveling to a UN Conference in New York, meeting new people, or discussing controversial topics, are opportunities students active in the International Human Rights Club (IHRC) can partake in. These opportunities bring students together to examine what needs to change in the world.

The IHRC, formerly known as Girls Learn International (GLI), has officially started for the 2016-2017 school year. The IHRC is still part of the GLI organization, however, the officers changed the club name to make the club more inclusive.

Students attend meetings to discuss human rights issues and how to help the world in any way high school students can. Every week, members converse on diverse topics, from sexual education for disadvantaged girls to cultural appropriation in Camas. These discussions help educate high school students on relevant problems currently in the human race.

The ultimate goal is to help improve the knowledge of students on issues concerning all people.

Junior Isabella Herron is the president of the IHRC and was elected in June. She has worked with officers from the previous year to modify the club’s purpose and to reconsider typical topics taught at meetings. Herron states that,

This is the International Human Rights Club motto. Courtesy of American Civil Liberties Union.
The International Human Rights Club motto. Courtesy American Civil Liberties Union.

“The International Human Rights Club is meant for open discussion on widespread issues. An average meeting consists of one or more of the officers presenting powerpoints, articles, and videos to the club.”

President Isabella Herron, Vice President Camille Karasev, Secretary Tiara Naidu, Historian Katie Blair, and Treasurer Tsering Shola all work very hard to encourage new members to join the IHRC.

Through social media, posters around the hallways, information booths, and announcements, they brought more than 15 new members to the club this year alone.

On Thursdays from 2:15 to 3:00, students can find any of the officers or members in Ms. Widdop’s room 404. The International Human Rights Club welcomes all genders, races, and cultures to the club.

You can follow IHRC on Twitter @CamasGLI

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