An Ever-Changing Language

Courtesy Google Images

The Oxford English Dictionary constantly updates, adding new and improved words to match the crazy and ever-shifting ways of the English Language. From acronyms such as YOLO to emojis, the Oxford Dictionary attempts to fit in. These are some of the crazier additions the authors have deemed necessary to be part of our English essays:

  • Muggle- someone who possess no magical powers. Originally deriving from J. K. Rowling’s fictional novels, Harry Potter.
  • Blamestorming- the method of brainstorming a way to blame something on someone else.
  • Grrrl- a young woman considered to be independent and strong, particularly toward men and her sexuality.
  • Threequel- the movie or book following a sequel.
  • Screenager- a teenager or young adult with a high aptitude for technology and computers.
  • Bouncebackability- the ability to come back when down in a competition.
  • Rebuttal- arguments or accusations made prior to the rebuttal.
  • YOLO- you only live once.
  • And last but not least, meatspace- the real world versus the virtual world.

Equipped with this new information, the next sentence is grammatically correct: The meatspace is now filled with threequels starring muggles and screenagers just blamestorming ways to excuse the terrible “bouncebackability” of their latest film compared to the first.

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