Camasonian Staff
Many students at Camas High School are experiencing burn-out from the everyday schedule that was pressed on them for 9 months. This summer, students hope to wind down and relax for a few months before the next school year. But [...]
Camasonian Staff
With COVID-19 bringing music programs, such as choir and band to a halt from in-person practices and performances this school year, Mr. Chessin, the choir director, found a new way to present music to his singers through teaching music production.  [...]
Grace Sommers
Cooking, baking, and eating-all three are fundamentals of the Intro to Foods class at Camas High School. Baking cookies and handing out homemade muffins are both key activities for the class. But COVID restrictions have seriously put a damper on [...]
Rosalind Hinchliff
As the difficult 2021 school year come close to the end, many are experiencing burnout and struggling to finish these last weeks on a positive note.  After going through over a year of online school littered with the tumultuous google [...]
Daisy Gooch
Over the past month or so, Camas High school staff and students have been experiencing ongoing tech, wifi, and internet issues, which has been another obstacle added to this already strange year. CHS Freshman Vance Gooch, says, “It (the internet [...]
Nora Melcher
The past 2020-2021 year has been a memorable one for many students at Camas High School (CHS) as they recall the moments that have stuck with them most. Whether it be related to politics, extracurricular activities, school, (etc.), students recognize [...]
Daisy Gooch
With the school year coming to an end, Camas High School staff and students are all awaiting the highly anticipated finals week.  This year though, the schedule looks different than the school's normal finals schedule. It is the exact same [...]
Luke Dizon
With the increase in vaccinations and more leniency with COVID-19 restrictions, students are making their way to sporting events. Fans are a big part of what makes sports in the Pacific Northwest so great. The Portland Trailblazers had an attendance [...]
Madison Palek
Due to the cancellations of Camas High school's (CHS) fall and winter sport seasons; they will resume this spring. Regular spring seasons will be continued but each sport results in seasons usually lasting 2-3 months now lasting a short 6 [...]

Nora Melcher
As Camas High School (CHS) advanced to hybrid learning since March of 2021 due to COVID-19 case rates decreasing, in-person learning becomes an option for students who prefer it over [...]
An Bui
The Billboard Music Awards are one of the anticipated music award ceremonies of the year, along with the American Music Awards and the Grammys. Hosted by singer Nick Jonas, the [...]
Christian Lenard
In the summer of 2020, Camas High School released information that all winter sports would be canceled and moved to the spring. The boy's basketball team saw this as an [...]
Camasonian Staff
After the cancelation of last year's season, Camas High School finally has their lacrosse team back and playing. This season is obviously very different from any other with a pandemic [...]
Nora Melcher
With this hectic year proving to be difficult for students and teachers because of COVID-19, state testing in the 2021 school year will not be held at Camas High School [...]
Ella Iavicoli
With Camas High school opened up entirely now, students, teachers, and staff have many opinions on it. Some do best remotely whereas others do better two days or four days [...]
Chase Fossen
Online learning has been full of setbacks and major changes for many teams, clubs, and organizations at Camas High School, and DECA is no different. Lots of DECA’s work in [...]
Camasonian Staff
  March Madness is any basketball player's favorite time of the year! March Madness is the most famous basketball tournament in the world and is full of thrills and excitement. [...]
Ella Iavicoli
It is well known that teenagers in this generation are very reliant on technology. Many use it as their main source of entertainment, and the majority of teens identify with [...]
Isabelle Domenech
After almost a full year of remote learning, Camas High School students were finally allowed to transition to a hybrid model of learning. The groups of students are split into [...]
Keilee Siefer
Due to the recent loosening of COVID-19 restrictions in Washington state, restaurants in downtown Camas have started reopening indoor dining and services. They are now allowed to seat customers in [...]
An Bui
On March 14th, the 63rd annual Grammy Awards were broadcasted from Los Angeles with Trevor Noah as the host. Big names including BTS, Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, and more performed [...]
Will Hansen
The name Samodurov is legendary in both the boys and girls soccer programs at Camas High School. Zander Samodurov graduated from CHS in 2020 and took his soccer talents across [...]
Joshua Fernando
My senior year has been anything but ordinary so far. Attending classes online and submitting assignments remotely was a new experience for me as it was for many others. At [...]
Daisy Gooch
Schools around the nation are seeing drastic drops in student's grades, and increasing rates of anxiety and depression.  Over twenty students and teachers at Camas High school admitted that they [...]
Ella Iavicoli
On March 8th, Camas High School began its hybrid learning plan. Students in Cohort A attend school in-person on Mondays and Tuesdays and students in Cohort B attend on Thursdays [...]